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Wall Crawler Swings Back into Theatres

Wall Crawler Swings Back into Theatres

Cole Sisson

Junior Cole Shumaker engages in the new Spider-Man trailer.

Flying powers, laser vision, super speed, super strength-they’re all unique characteristics of superheroes. But there is one hero that is original in his own way. He has enhanced strength and reflexes, he can jump high, crawl up walls, and his body produces webs. Being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man. He is a big star on the big screen, and fans cannot wait for the new release of a completely different kind of Spider-Man movie.

An all new cast, director, and story line have fans expecting a big change for the new movie. According to www.imdb.com, The Amazing Spider-Man is scheduled for release July 3, 2012. Director Marc Webb is bringing a new look to Spider-Man. He has a different looking suit; he creates web cartridges, and fights a new villain. Spider-Man will be played by Andrew Garfield.

 “I thought the preview was pretty amazing. I think it should be a good movie. I’m excited about it,” says Junior Eric Smythe.

People want to see how different this movie will be from the other Spider-Man trilogy.

“It looks a lot better than the other Spider‑Man movies. I’m excited to see how they changed his costume and the new villain. I think the movie will actually do pretty well,” says Junior Tim Wortman.  


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