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Brashier Gets a New Refrigerator

Brashier Gets a New Refrigerator

Zachary Ellis

The new refrigerator

Recently, a family donated a refrigerator to Brashier for students to use.

Director of operations Sandy Brigmon said, “We had two families that called in, one offered to donate us a refrigerator, the other offered to buy us one.”

Brashier took the donated refrigerator. The refrigerator is tax deductible. The other family is donating mulch.

Students are now able to bring lunches that would have normally been spoiled. Students will need to label and put dates on them. Any food that is unlabeled or does not have a date will be thrown away.

The previous refrigerator was leaking and needed to be replaced. It was gone for a large part of the school year. The new refrigerator is convenient for student use.

Brigmon said, “It’s great to have parents who care and are willing to donate.”


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